White Rockrose Shrub

white rockrose (Cistus x hybridus)

white rockrose hedge (Cistus x hybridus)

This white rockrose (Cistus x hybridus) has a symmetrical, spherical growth habit.  Once shrubs of this rockrose grow together, they make a nice 2-3 foot tall hedge.  The only maintenance concern is over watering.  For rockrose to thrive, just leave it alone.

2 thoughts on “White Rockrose Shrub

  1. Hi I planted this last year and it has tripled in size and covered in buds which are just starting to flower .
    I want to trim it into shape so when is us best to do this?

    • Trim very lightly if at all. As a rule, plants from Mediterranean climates such as rockrose do not like to be pruned. If you must, do it in the winter. Branches will die at the tips as the plant ages and in such cases cut them all the way back to the base of the plant.

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