MP Rotators Save 30% Water

Imagine that, simply by changing your sprinkler nozzles, you could reduce your lawn and garden water bill by 30 percent. Now imagine that in addition to using significantly less water, you could eliminate sprinkler overspray onto the sidewalk and sprinkler runoff into the street.
Also, if you had low pressure in your sprinkler line — because of too many heads on the line or old, constricted galvanized pipes — it would no longer matter. If you had large planter bed or huge lawn areas, you could cap off up to half of your existing spray sprinklers thanks to the increased area of coverage provided by the new nozzles.
Although I had heard about the MP (matched precipitation)Rotator nozzle, I had never seen it in use. The other day I finally had the opportunity to do so and, upon seeing it in action, could not stop smiling at the thought of making more people aware of this revolutionary product.
In my own front yard, I had 15 spray sprinklers on a single circuit watering perennial beds. The sprinkler line is galvanized pipe, at least 40 years old, and has begun to constrict from rust and mineral buildup.
Lately, my sprinklers were doing such a poor job of covering the beds that I resorted to watering with a hose. Then, just the other day, with nothing to lose, I unscrewed the existing spray nozzles and replaced them with MP Rotator nozzles. Presto! Now, not only are my beds well-soaked, but overspray and runoff are no longer an issue. I am saving water as well, based on this simple calculation: MP Rotator nozzles apply water at one third the rate of spray nozzles but need to be left on only twice as long, still resulting in 30 percent water savings.
Water is delivered from MP Rotators in a series of slow-moving spidery streams, with four distinctive stream types, assuring more even and effective coverage.
You can learn all about this new sprinkler technology at Locally, you can find MP Rotators at Landscape Warehouse outlets in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley.
You can also find them at the many Ewing Irrigation stores, including Chatsworth, Santa Clarita and Glendale locations. MP Rotators are also available through Ewing Irrigation over the Internet. Go to, click on “Log in” and then “Enter the Home Owner/Guest Catalog.”

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