Seeing with the Eyes, Seeing with the Heart

double French marigolds

double French marigolds

I had never seen double French marigolds before.  French marigolds (Tagetes patula) are the little marigolds as opposed to African marigolds (Tagetes erecta), which are the large ones.  In truth, those familiar bedding marigolds are native  neither to France or to Africa, but to Mexico.  It’s amazing how much there is to see in the plant world.  I went to a web site for gardeners all excited about my new discovery of French marigold flowers that look like little roses, only to learn that this is “nothing new,” that such marigold cultivars have been around for a while.  The sight of something new, if only in my eyes, is such a pleasure.  Why do we always put so much value on what we see with our eyes when all that really matters is what the heart sees?  With plants and especially with flowers, it is inevitable that, when we slowly contemplate one of God’s botanical masterpieces, we see with eyes and heart and soul, too.

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